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If You See Me With My Sunglasses on Tomorrow…

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Tomorrow our youngest child will walk out of our home and into first grade and threaten to break this momma’s heart. [insert sad emoji!]

It is the day I have dreaded for a longgggg time. longggg time.

I kid you not. (My kindergarten mom friends can vouch for this. They surely haven’t forgotten the ridiculous tears at the end of last year in anticipation of THIS COMING DAY! ~ What in the world??? I know I need to get a grip!) Yes – this may sound a bit dramatic, but if you have been there and done that – you are gulping, breathing deeply, and holding your own tears back from falling helplessly down your face as you remember the baby steps of letting go….or on the contrary, you are a momma who was so ready for a break that you think I have lost my mind because you shouted your freedom from the rooftops and enthusiastically did cartwheels on the day your last left for all-day school! (Thankfully I am not the one doing cartwheels because the older I get, the more those cartwheels do not agree with me at all!)

In my heart, I know the reality is that kids grow up. We need to help them be prepared to “leave the nest”…. and this week is just one of the many early steps in this crazy parenting staircase of letting go. Have you heard this quote before? (this is from Etsy)


I am not going to lie ~ my gut wants to clip his wings – because I know all to well how fast this stage of life goes. {Our oldest just turned 13!)

I know that it will seem like tomorrow when he steps out of our home to leave for college,

and then another tomorrow when he finds a wife and starts his own family…

(Oh forgive me if I am jumping ahead just slightly! ) but I know God has gifted us with a beautiful boy who exudes joy and gusto! It would be selfish of us to keep him all to ourselves.  At school he will learn to work with others and take turns; he will learn that the world is not all about him. He will learn courage and patience and probably some bad habits too! (This is not a discourse on schooling verses homeschooling – we have done both! And homeschooling was one of the best decisions we have ever made….but that is another story for another time.)

For now, for today, I am thankful for this sweet little boy who will one day be a man. I am thankful for every skinned knee, every bear hug, every dirty finger nail and every new things learned! And while it seems like such a big step – walking away to school all-day – I will remember to whisper thanks and to savor these little boy moments until the next step in letting go reaches our front door.
And…if you see me wearing my sunglasses when it is cloudy and rainy tomorrow, you will know why.

Here is a free printable from if you want to print it out to take a picture of your elementary schooler on their first day!

(Also, as I was thinking of how sad I am to be away from my little guy – and the girls – all day, I was reminded of the many parent-heroes I know who have had to say good-bye to their little ones too soon. Carey, Katie, Lauren, Amy and many others. You are the real heroes – and what a glorious day it will be when you hold your babies in your arms again!)

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