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Sometimes I cannot believe the sweet people I get to work with. I say that in so many posts but I am being 100% honest! And I have some really great people I am editing through right now and cannot wait to share their pictures and talk about them too!

For now, let’s talk about Nicole. She is naturally beautiful. Some people wait their whole lives to have all of the attention centered on them and to have their moment in the spotlight and these people LOVE to be in front of the camera. However, I don’t get the impression Nicole is like that….and she probably is totally fine to not be talked about. She was so sweet and unassuming…innocent and seemingly unaware of herself. In this day and age when so much of life is filled with “selfies” and “all about me,” humility is hard to come by. She wasn’t super opinionated (about the pictures 😉 and was willing to do whatever, whenever – such an easy person to be around. If you have ever met her mom, she is so sweet and carries herself in the same manner.

Anyway, Nicole – I pray you have a WONDERFUL senior year. I am sure it won’t be easy – because nothing worthwhile in life is easy. However I pray that you will know how much you are loved by God and your family and that your worth is not based on what you do or what college you get into or if you get a scholarship…but instead celebrating that you are a child of God and loved beyond measure…unconditionally. When life gives you bumps along the way, cling to His promises because in a world full of change and uncertainty – He is the only constant. (Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.)

Here are just a few of your pictures. Thanks for sharing the morning with me – I was blessed ;).

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