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M Family ~ Sweet Sisters

This may sound like a strange title – but it is something I have been meaning to address and this is the perfect session to address it with! This family lives near us and I have taken their family photos numerous times. Normally we head to a location with pretty scenery of some type….If you have had on-location photos before, I am sure you remember wondering what your “background” would be – urban, country, woodsy, fields, etc. This was somewhat impromptu. We decided to just stay in their neighborhood – in their backyard, with clothes they already had on hand. AND I LOVE THEIR PICTURES 🙂 Please trust me when I say ~ It doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated to get your family photos taken! I don’t even need a large space to be honest. So don’t decide not to get your pictures taken due to the stress of it!

Besides loving these photos, I also love these people.

When they moved in on our street, their kids were my kid’s ages and we only had one child at that time. We carpooled and Julie showed me the ropes. Julie also suggested I try BSF. I held off for a while but eventually tried and was hooked! (Thanks!) Troy has a heart for the Lord, for people and for education. My husband is blessed to work alongside him in serving our school and community. In a job that can be thankless, please know you are appreciated. And to your girls – thanks for being such wonderful role models to our kids. Watching you girls grow is another visual for me of time flying! So glad we are catching it along the way!

Enjoy a few of your photos…

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