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Navigating the Website

Navigating the Website

This is my “home base” ~ a place to send clients to see representative work of mine, to share stories, and to communicate important information regarding business policies, pricing, offerings, etc. One reason why I am thrilled to have this is so that you can really get a feel for who I am and what type of photographer I am as well! If you are choosing a photographer for the first time, it is SO important that you have taken time to look at his or her work to be sure that you really like what you see! It is nice that there are so many photographers out there to choose from because you are bound to find someone whose style and personality you resonate with. Although the site is pretty self explanatory, here is a brief overview of the top menu choices on the site:

  • My story ~ This is simply where you can learn more about me.
  • Your Stories/Sessions ~ Here is where you can find all of the information regarding all types of photography sessions such as what is included, how much they cost, and what is the process before, during and after. Galleries of sample images are also here under each session type.
  • Kind Words ~ If you need some encouragement from other clients that this process works out okay, here is the place to look <3. I am happy to provide you with references as well.
  • Blog ~ Images from other sessions and stories will be here. I couldn’t migrate them all over from Blogger so I will add them here and there. If there is one photo at the top, be sure to wait for the slideshow to go through – OR – if you are impatient like me, you can click on the right or left arrows on the sides of the image to scroll through them at your own pace.
  • Contact ~ Feel free to contact me here or through my email address.
  • Categories (drop down menu at the bottom) ~ If you are looking for a certain type of photography, type of location or topic, click here. Also, to see images from Lifestyle Sessions, choose Lifestyle Gallery here. There is no other gallery for these photos as I like to keep them grouped together for the full “story.”

I post on Facebook sometimes and more often on Instagram – both under AMWeakley Creative. Common IG hashtags I use would be #amweakleyfamilies and #amweakleyseniors.

Also – Stay tuned for these upcoming items…

  • I am hoping to do some type of educational and informal family shoot around this Spring for those of you who have been with AMWeakley Creative for multiple years and who have their own DSLR camera.
  • I will be offering a limited number of senior and family promotions this June 2018. Be sure to follow me on IG and/or FB to get the details as they become available (likely around the beginning of April).

Thanks for stopping by!

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