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Growing Up Sweet Boys

It is such a joy for me to get to serve the same clients over the years. I hope to be able to share more “Watch Them Grow” blog posts in which I can give bits and pieces from these families over the years. Here is one of these such families…

It was a few years ago was when I first met these guys and we had our first photo shoot…they were a family of three and expecting another.

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I remember thinking that this dad MUST have burned 100s/1000s of calories chasing after their busy little toddler. The little guy was so fast and kept running and running and running…and the dad totally smiled the whole time regardless of the chase! It was great!

Then baby brother arrived and was welcomed with loving hands. The family invited me into their home where I was able to snap some pictures of them at their “home base” as they were adjusting to their new family of four. Baby #2 arrived into loving hands and warm hearts.

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Later on, we met at a different park to catch the boys as they were growing…the growing thing happens so fast ~ sometimes you don’t even realize it in the moment! It is wonderful to have images along the way. Here are a few from that Fall session.

3 WEB Rerko 2014 AMW 74 WEB Rerko 2014 AMW 41 And then again the following fall….

5 WEB Rerko 2015 AMW 18 6 WEB Rerko 2015 AMW 8 Seriously I love these kids and mom and dad. I love that the next time I was invited into their home – that little guy who used to run as fast away from me as he could…the one who kept dad running – he wanted to show me all of his toys! And he read us a book and played in his stuffed animals! It was so wonderful and I got teary thinking about how we started and how big he had gotten in just a few years.

Here his mom is expecting baby #3. We had such a blast! Can you tell from above how relaxed big brother is? Those are real smiles!

8 WEB Rerko Maternity LS 2016 AMW 46 9 WEB Rerko Maternity LS 2016 AMW 13 11 WEB Rerko Maternity LS 2016 AMW 51 12 WEB Rerko Maternity LS 2016 AMW 82

When their littlest baby boy was recently born, I was blessed to go back again. How much fun for these little guys to have BROTHERS!! What a special bond they will have as they grow up and wrestle with each other; play trucks and trains; and go on adventures in the dirt.

Meet the newest member of the family ~

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YOU ARE LOVED and cherished and a part of a lovely family.27 WEB 033A4520ebw

I have to share ~ this is too funny…Oftentimes newborns are hard to wake up – but not usually the toddler!!32 WEB 033A4495e 29 WEB 033A4499ebw30 WEB 033A4513h

He eventually did wake up though – (with a little help from his toy!)

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Congratulations to you five! What a special family you are ♥ Thanks for inviting me into your life.

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