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I just LOVE doing in-home sessions.

There are a million reasons why (well technically I may be exaggerating, but there sure are a lot!)!

The setting is authentic.

Children involved are comfortable.

They are in THEIR home territory. Being at home feels very natural and if kids have never met me before, they are in a place that feels safe for them. Children can show me all of their favorite toys, read their favorite books, and act out all of their favorite tricks.

As a mom, I LOVE having memories of the familiar. Sure we all love the posed pictures or playful pictures in a beautiful setting, but what about the day to day extra-ordinary? ….the things that life is comprised of minute by minute. It is what I talk about in my “Welcome” message on my Home page HERE. It is what lured me into photographer in the first place.

The toys strewn everywhere.

The tiny shoes littered across the floor.

Goldfish in the carpet.

The bedtime routine.

There are so many memories of routine and the daily humdrum that I love to see documented. Why? Because they are living memories in my mind. They are often things I say I could possibly never forget, but now that my kids are teens and life is traveling at warp speed, I actually do forget.

When my kids were little, I learned to notice. It has helped me to capture details as a photographer. I don’t want to miss all the little pieces of your lives (or my life) that live in the details. What can you make sure to notice today?

Here are just a few of pictures from a recent lifestyle session. You can see the little guy does all of his “tricks” ~ like singing “Wheel on the Bus,” and jumping into his daddy’s arms, and doing the monster walk, and showing me his favorite keys! Those are just a few things. In other images, we see his love for pulling the blinds up and down and reading one of his favorite books and playing with his humongous balloon.

What do you want to make sure you capture while you still can?

(Love them just admiring him…staring in wonder…)

(I so remember just sitting in the living room and watching our kids as they were little as our favorite source of entertainment!)






No doubt they will have plenty of love in their hearts to welcome their newest little family member soon!

Thanks for inviting me into your home and into your lives F family!

Thanks too for letting your pizza get cold while we finished up the photos. Can’t wait to meet your newest little one!


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