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Time Flies – {Family}

“The bad news is – TIME FLIES. The good news is – YOU ARE THE PILOT.” ~ Michael Altshuler

There is no other phase of life where the brevity of time is more prevalent than in parenting. If you have ever had to wait to become a parent, time can seem to stand still….but the moment that little one is placed into your arms, time shifts to warp speed and it seems to go faster and faster year by year.

Oftentimes, we bemoan this, but I love this quote! We have some say in how those years fly by.

I have loved getting to know and watching this family grow over the years. They LOVE to just be together and it is evident in even the short moments I have with them. We always get the standard posed pictures but my favorites are the ones of them playing and enjoying each other! This last time we met up, we took pictures at their new home. If you have followed me for very long, you know how much I love at home sessions. The reality is, most of life happens there (at least while the kids are younger…when they get older, mostly it happens in the car!). I cherish the photos I have of my kids when we were just playing and doing life in our normal reality…and often, that was at home and often in a mess!

This family played basketball and baseball, climbed on the swingset, rode scooters and bikes, made silly faces, snuggled, ticked, laughed and chased….It was a blast!

The littlest was hardly speaking last we met and this time he was taking in full paragraphs. I would have loved to have time to just hang out and have ice cream together!

I journeyed back …. and towards the bottom of this post, you will see a timeline of pictures from the past few years and you can see how they have changed.

However, enjoy photos from our most recent sessions first.

And that’s a wrap! (got the sleepy eye above – ah – no drinking and driving!)

And now….for the last few years…

Until next time,







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