What to Expect

{Pictures to come soon!}

Before the Session

You contact me and we set up a time that works well for both your family and the photographer (me ;). We choose a location that is convenient and has the look and feel of what you are looking for as well as providing appropriate lighting. If in your home or a darker location, I may use an on camera flash as necessary. Our pre-session communication can usually be done via email however we can chat on the phone if necessary too. I know photo shoots can sometimes feel overwhelming and I don’t want that to be the case at all! I will send a reminder email or text the week of the shoot. If the weather forecast is not good, we may decide to change the date and/or location.

Before you book me, look through my website and get a good idea of what my photography looks like. What you see there will be a good indication of what my style is. Some photographers tend to shoot dark and moody and very candid. Other photographers are super posed and very traditional. Honestly, I would love to say I could give you a perfect definition of how your photos will look ahead of time ~ but I shoot at many different locations at all different times of day with all different types of people. The look and feel of the photos should be similar to what you see on the website or social media, however every family is different- lighting is different at different times and places ~ and different outfit choices affect the look as well. The important thing is that you like what you see from me and you choose clothing that you are comfortable in and that represents your family well! I am happy to talk through this more with you if you would like, and I am working on Pinterest board of ideas of “What to Wear.”

During the Session

I have a tendency to talk and I LOVE getting to know my clients! This year I plan to collect payment at the beginning of the photo shoot

and have you sign the contract up front so that we can spend the rest of the time capturing great shots and memories! If you have children, I will try to get to know them a little before diving in. If it is a family session, we will do pictures of the whole family both somewhat posed and more candid. We will walk and talk and play. I will get parents together and kids together and alone. If your child is naturally very serious and laid back – I wouldn’t expect to get a lot of high energy, super smiley photos because that isn’t who your child is. Likewise, if you have a silly kiddo, I wouldn’t expect a lot of serious faces! It is important to have accurate expectations. This is a chance for you to embrace who you are ~ to capture your family now to remember for always! I don’t bring props ~ you are welcome to if they fit into our time together. If your family loves having picnics, feel free to set one up and I am happy to document that….or if they love bubbles or popsicles ~ that is great too! Usually though, families just come as they are! My goal is to keep a normal family photo shoot to 30-45 minutes max. That should be plenty of time. If you would prefer a large park with lots of walking or a longer session, those are available as well. I hope you come away from our time together thankful for the family you have and the time we spent together…AND if you have active toddlers, you may be a little tired!

For senior sessions, they typically last two hours and generally involve multiple locations and outfit changes. It is normal for many (myself included when I am the subject) to start out feeling a little awkward about being the center of attention, but by the last hour, everyone is typically enjoying themselves and the process too! I don’t offer hair and makeup, but there are many wonderful hair and makeup artists if you would choose to do that.

For lifestyle sessions, these tend to take a little longer as part of the lure is the comfort and pace of your own home and your normal life. I will probably have you show me around your home (it doesn’t need to be spotless!) This will help me to see where the light is and get an idea of the setting. I will try to get to know everyone and they we will begin shooting. I like to be out of the way and an observer if possible. Sometimes it isn’t possible depending on what we are doing. These sessions could be posed and candid, but typically are more candid ~ life as it is…playing with toys, playing the yard, reading books, painting nails, doing puzzles, baking cookies…whatever you choose!

After the Session

I will download and create multiple backups of all of your family’s images immediately. Then I will cull through them and choose the best to individually edit and process. Within the first week from the date of your session, I will post a sneak peek or several sneak peaks on FB, IG or my blog. Within two week (possibly three during the busy seasons), you will receive a link to a private, password-protected gallery where your photos will be kept. You will e able to view and share those photos with family and friends for one month. Included in your sessions fee is the right to download and print as desired the high resolution, edited images from your session. You also will receive web-sized photos as well that are optimized for sharing on social media sites. You may also order prints from the gallery which is connected with a professional printing lab and have them shipped directly to your home. This lab is calibrated with my monitor and has quality papers and printing processes that are guaranteed to last. All orders pass through me first so that I can ensure you have ordered correctly. For those of you who would like more help with ordering products and prints, I have an option that allows us to meet and go through the process together for an additional cost.

I can’t wait to help you savor this time in your life!

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