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According to Google, happiness is the state of feeling satisfaction, contentment, pleasure, joy or delight. This is often not the way we walk around feeling.

Life is often stressful and filled with unknowns causing us bouts of doubt and despair. I don’t mean to be a downer but just flip on the news – I dare you to feel joyful after that! It was such a treat for me to take pictures of Kaitlyn because of her happy and content spirit. She was easy going and thankful and just went with the flow. It was a nice respite to walk around with such a sweet young lady in a beautiful park on a gorgeous day.

As you look through just a small sampling of her images, you will also notice that she is naturally beautiful and has an amazing smile! Kaitlyn, thanks for letting me capture this year in your life. I wish you an amazing road ahead and know that you will lighten many people’s lives with your joyful and yet relaxed personality.

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