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Becoming Dad…

Meet one of my wonderful clients ~ one that I have been working with for years and getting to know for that long as well.

Heather and Braden 2015 AMW 1WEB

One of the major perks of being a photographer is the relationships I get to build. Photographers have the unique privilege and honor to be involved in very special and oftentimes intimate life moments. Whether it be a wedding, a birth, an anniversary, a graduation or just life as it is, this is a GIFT to me. With repeat clients (who I consider friends) and individuals/families at all life stages, it is a constant reminder to mentally take notes and remember life in the NOW….because time doesn’t stop and time doesn’t slow down and time certainly doesn’t go backwards.

There are many families that have been on this journey with me from the beginning. New or old friends – they all grow a special place in my heart.

I wanted to tell a bit of one young family’s story through a small sampling of photos.

Back in the day, I started off taking sports shots and trying to find ways to weave meaning into the end products. This is B when he was still in college.

Braden Patience 8x10s web

One day, he met a lovely young lady and they said “We do.”
Brade nand Heather WeddingBraden and Heather wed web

A few years later, this little guy entered into their world and changed their world forever.


One year later, he was walking and talking…

Dissinger Family 2014 AMW 10WEBDissinger Family 2014 AMW 7WEB Dissinger Family 2014 AMW 13WEBDissinger Family 2014 AMW 21WEBDissinger Family 2014 AMW 42WEB Dissinger Family 2014 AMW 47WEBDissinger Family 2014 AMW 56WEBDissinger Family 2014 AMW 37

This sweet little lady was born not too long after…

4 5 10

She sure is a beauty! And the boy still loves his trucks…

11 3

Mom and dad’s hearts had no problem growing to accept their newest addition.

8 7a

The story doesn’t stop there! Nope – I am thankful to continue our relationship and continue capturing moments and seasons in their lives. Here is the latest.
Heather and Braden 2015 AMW 20WEB Dissinger F3H IG 4WEB Heather and Braden 2015 AMW 14WEB Heather and Braden 2015 AMW 5WEB

THIS makes photography more than a job. It is not only a gift to those I get to serve – but also to me as I build authentic friendships and am reminded daily…time keeps on moving. Try to LIVE and BE in the moment.

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